Hands Across The Sand – Saturday June 26th

On June 26th join hands with others to protest offshore oil drilling. This is an international peaceful protest. At 11am, go to your beach and at 12, join hands with others. Here’s the website that can help connect you with others in your area and give you more information about Hands Across the Sand.

Donate Hair to Absorb BP Oil Spill

One of the stranger things I’ve read today has been that human and animal hair and fur is being used to soak up the oil washing up from the BP spill in the Gulf. An organization called Matter of Trust is accepting donations of hair, fleece, and feathers to make into mats and booms to aid in the BP Gulf oil spill clean-up.

Go to this site for more information. Just think about how shipping hair over long distances is going to use oil though. This is probably a better local venture.

BP’s Disaster

The horror of BP’s oil spill just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now we’re hearing that it might not be until the end of August before they can drill holes to stop the oil gushing out into the Gulf. The estimates BP gave of 200,000 gallons of oil gushing were absolutely wrong. It’s almost 800,000 gallons gushing a day. They have sprayed questionable chemicals to make the oil sink, they have lied about the scope of the spill. It seems as though their priority has been to cover their asses instead of trying to fix this mess.

What amazes and disgusts me is how BP is keeping their name out of the headlines. I keep seeing it called the Gulf Spill. And then somewhere in the article they mention BP. I fear that the media is desperately trying to hang on to any and all of its advertising dollars and don’t want to alienate a big company like BP.

While writing this, I’ve been looking at various articles and noticed if they have anything to do with trying to plug, cap or stop the spill they have BP’s name in the headline. If it has to do with the actual disaster and how it’s affecting 3 Gulf states, BP’s name isn’t in the headline. Now they are working on a commercial to try and salvage their name. Is anyone besides me totally sickened by this??

My sister made a post about the spill which echos my own thoughts. There are photos of a pelican struggling in the oil sludge. Louisiana’s state bird is the brown pelican, which was extirpated there. A number of years ago it started to make a comeback in LA. It’s hard to have a state bird that is wiped out in your state. But now, the BP spill is working on decimating the brown pelican in Louisiana once again. Good job guys.

I am so disgusted and disheartened, and feel almost completely helpless to do anything. As a long-term solution we have to reduce our need for oil. Simple as that. They are just going to drill and drill in the wildest, most remote spots as long as there’s a need for the stuff. I’m part of the problem as much as anyone else. This is an awful time. My only hope is that some better regulation will come out of it. But that’s not going to help all the wildlife fighting to survive in the Gulf. Here’s a link to people working in the Gulf. I’m sure they could use donations. You can also donate to the National Wildlife Federation here.