My Gender-confused Hen

Dear Lulu,
I know that since Edie died you are the top hen. Everyone knows you are super tough and nobody (not even myself) should dare mess with you. I just ask that you please stop crowing like a rooster at 6:30am. While I support you in whatever gender choice you are making, roosters are illegal in NYC. So far our neighbors have found humor in this situation, but I doubt that will last long.
So if you don’t want to move to the country, please stop crowing. Don’t deny it either, I recorded part of your song yesterday and this video is my proof.
Your humble servant

2 thoughts on “My Gender-confused Hen

  1. I wonder if being named after Lou Reed, and taking a walk on the wild side had anything to do with the blurring if the boundaries between genders?

  2. Lisa- You are probably right. Our beloved hen Edie died young just like her namesake Edie Sedgwick. I guess I’ll have to be more careful with the naming…

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