The Farmer’s Market

This morning we had nothing in the house to eat for breakfast, so we picked up bagels and went to our local playground. This playground/park hosts a farmer’s market every Sunday, so we popped by to see what they had to offer.

One of the vendors was Grazin’ Angus Acres, which raises animals for meat and eggs. They had a certification of Animal Welfare Approved. I was wondering what that was compared to Certified Humane. I found this description on the WSPA (World Society For the Protection of Animals) website:

Are all humane food certification programs the same in terms of animal welfare requirements?

No. While the Certified Humane and American Humane Certified programs are similar, significant differences exist between these and the Animal Welfare Approved program operated by the Animal Welfare Institute. The concept of certifying animal foods as being humanely raised is relatively new and not all animal welfare scientists agree on what standards are appropriate. In addition, the administrators of humane food programs differ on the question of whether the programs should allow participation by producers that raise animals under both humane and factory-farming systems (referred to as “dual operations”). Certified Humane and American Humane Certified allow dual operations, while Animal Welfare Approved only certifies products from family farms.

Many products sold as humane are produced by companies that confine a majority of their animals under factory conditions. These companies can typically offer their humane products for less than they could otherwise because the products are subsidized by the intensive portion of their operation. Eventually small family farmers who run 100% humane operations could be driven out of business.

Okay, so Animal Welfare Approved sounds a bit better than Certified Humane. Live and learn.

Since watching Fowl Play, I haven’t eaten any meat. I just haven’t had the stomach for it. I even ordered carryout from a vegan restaurant last night. Which was delicious. 🙂 Tonight we are going in the other direction and eating hamburgers from Grazin’ Angus Acres. It is grass fed and finished, local, no hormones or antibiotics and has the Animal Welfare seal of approval. It’s been a gorgeous day and a dinner outdoors will be a nice way to end the weekend.

4 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Market

  1. Thanks for writing about Animal Welfare Approved. We pride ourselves on being the only “humane” certification disallowing cages, crates and feedlots and certifying only family farms.

    Plus, because we’re the only free program, our auditors are not beholden to certify any farm.

    Enjoy Grazin Angus Acres beef and look for more AWA products on our website at

  2. Fantastic. I’ve been on a big noodle craze lately, I have no idea why – I just got a crazy craving for noodles!! Is that even possible? I’ve already tried nearly half of all the noodle recipe here ! Crazy huh. I should probably stop soon, I dont think eating noodles every day isnt so healthy for me…

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