Father’s Day

IMG_3736I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We decided to celebrate Father’s Day by going on a bike ride. Lindsay has just gotten comfortable enough riding that we went on a rail trail. We rode on the North County Trail way in Westchester, NY. It runs along the old Putnam Division line, which is parallel to the Saw Mill River Parkway.IMG_3744It was a very pretty ride through the woods and past swamps and rivers. One stretch had loads of frogs announcing themselves. We dubbed that frog alley. We made many stops to rest tired little legs (she had a bike with no gears) and enjoyed a picnic lunch, a beautiful view from a bridge, and a cookie and cherry break.IMG_3735 IMG_3775 IMG_3737We lucked out with the weather as well. It seems as though we now live in the tropics, and get an afternoon downpour every day. But on Sunday, we had the perfect temperature and no rain!

This last view is looking down from the bridge, which had a sign that said “No jumping”. This bridge is low enough to the water (not for me!) that I guess it attracts yahoos. The sign by the much higher Tappan Zee bridge says “Life is worth living” and has a phone number. Yikes!

Oh, and now Lindsay has upgraded from a pink bike to a fierce new black one with gears.

photo 2 photo

Ukrainian Easter Egg Dyeing

Here’s a fun thing we did a while back that somehow got pushed to the blog’s back burner. Yup, it’s seasonal, but it was really fun and I wanted to share. I’ve been waiting to do this with the kiddo until now because you work with permanent dyes and lit candles. She did a great job.

My sister holds a Pysanky (that’s what you call this) party every year at her painting studio. It’s the perfect space to get down and messy/creative. You can see a great post on her blog here.

You can find all the supplies you need here.

Passover in the Berkshires

Last week while Lindsay was on break, we went up to the Berkshires for a few days. We had a nice low-key seder complete with matzo-ball soup, brisket and macaroons. passover-3


The next morning my father-in-law and daughter made matzo brei. Matzo brei is basically a form of scrambled eggs. You take matzo crackers, run them under warm tap water for a few seconds. Then you crumble them and add to beaten eggs. The ratio is approximately 1 cracker for every 1 1/2 large eggs. We sauté onions and asparagus first and then cook the eggs. I think last year we used mushrooms instead of asparagus.


Potatoes and Pine

We are a family who celebrates many different holidays. So it comes as no surprise that during Hanukkah, we do Christmasy things as well.

On the first night of Hanukkah, we made potato latkes. My recipe is based more on feel than measurements, but this is basically it.

  • 4 idaho potatoes, peeled and chopped to fit in the food processor
  • 1 small onion
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of flour
  • corn oil for frying

I purée half the potatoes, adding the onion at the end, so it gets finely chopped. I grate half the potatoes. This gives me a nice mixture of soft insides and crunchy outsides. The onion adds a little sweetness. After I’ve processed the potatoes, I squeeze excess moisture out of them and then mix in the eggs and flour. You can add salt and pepper to taste.

I heat the oil until it’s ready to sizzle and then drop a serving size spoon’s worth of the potatoes into the pan. I turn them when they are golden brown.

I also have a pan in a 200 degree oven that has paper towels on it. When the latkes are done cooking, they go in the oven to drain and keep warm until we’re ready to eat them.

We had skirt steak and salad with the latkes. And the next day we had eggs over easy on top of the leftover latkes! Yum.

Lindsay has been very interested in making cake pops, so we gave her a cake pop maker for Hanukkah.

And of course, we visited the tree at Rockefeller Center!