I’m a photographer living in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, daughter and 3 chickens. I’m learning as I go about gardening, composting and raising chickens for eggs in an urban environment. Living a more sustainable life in an environment where it is easy to be out-of-touch with nature is a challenge we are undertaking as a family.

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  1. You are awesome! I’m trying to do something similar in northern manhattan, albeit without access to backyard. we’ll see where it goes.

  2. Hi! I love your blog! I’m an artist moving from Boston to Brooklyn in the next month. I have been keeping my hens in Boston and my goal is to bring them to Brooklyn with me once I am settled. I would love any advice you could give me on keeping chickens in Brooklyn…which neighborhoods are best, where to buy feed, groups or communities that support urban farming and sustainability. Your blog makes me excited for my big move, I look forward to starting my own mini urban farm soon!

    Feel free to email me at natalievergara@comcast.net!

    Natalie Vergara

  3. Hi Natalie,
    You’ll love Brooklyn! So much fun urban farming stuff going on. You can keep hens anywhere in the city. No roosters! Feed is slightly more difficult, but you can join our chicken meet up group and the members often split pallets of chicken feed. There are a few pet stores in Brooklyn that carry feed. Let me know where you settle and I can recommend ones near you.


  4. What a wonderful blog! We just ordered our first batch of chickens and are planning the coop. Love to see others in the same boat!

  5. marfa, the coop is almost complete! fog is as heavy as rain today and fall’s color is hanging on in full splendor. love the photo of the stinkhorn’s. crazy! hey hey to toothbrush girl and mr sumac!

  6. Hi – I too live in Brooklyn…however, I do not have chickens, or any kind of bird in my home or around me, yet my apartment has been infested with bird mites. Since they can also infest and bite humans, have I become their host? And have the mites jumped from one person to another? If so, not good. How can I rid of these in my home. I have heard they are very difficult to irradiate. Any info would be most helpful, and soon. Thank you.

  7. Where do you purchase your feed? I am in need of feed and don’t know where to go.

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