Knitted Gifts

For the past few months, I’ve been knitting like mad, making gifts for the people close to me. Here’s a selection of what I’ve made. I sent some projects off without photographing them.

Coffee press cosy for Neil

Here’s a cosy I knit Neil for our french press coffee pot. It uses a design called the Death Flake. If you look closely you will see the skulls inside a snowflake motif.

I knit these fingerless gloves for my MIL. I liked them so much, I knit a pair for my sister and am now knitting a pair for another friend.

This little sweater was made for baby Maia. 

This blue sweater was knit for baby Thomas. His mom was Lindsay’s 1st grade teacher.

This little hat is for baby Ray, due any week now.

Here’s a cardigan for baby Ray.

This little green sweater is for an upcoming baby. Here’s a link to the sweater pattern.

This sweater is the latest one off my needles. It’s based on a pattern called Paper Dolls, but instead of having a paper doll motif, Lindsay wanted the death flake pattern. My sister helped talk me down off the ledge when I realized that not only would I need to chart the new motif, but I would have to figure out where to put decreases within the motif. She charted out this version and added the cute hearts at the bottom. Now I really need to take photos better than these iphone ones!

2 thoughts on “Knitted Gifts

  1. I would love the pattern of your coffee plunger pattern. Well done.
    Scilla Taylor
    Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia

  2. Hi Scilla,
    You can find the chart for the “death flake” here:
    My mistake was that I knit the exact circumference of the coffee pot (12″). I should have knit it an inch narrower, so that it would grip around the pot. But we use it every day and love it!

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