Blue Bird

Over the years, the bluebird population has greatly decreased. Bluebirds, as many other animals, have suffered loss of habitat. They are cavity-nesters, that seek out hollows in decaying trees. Besides the fact that there are fewer trees left to decay, there are also 2 non-native birds (european starling and the house swallow) that are much more aggressive than the timid bluebird. They snatch the available nest sites, and even take over a nest that the bluebird has claimed (by cracking their eggs and killing the nestlings and/or the parents).

A number of years ago I noticed little wooden bird houses popping up in farmer’s fields in upstate New York. This was a part of a bluebird recovery effort. I was curious about this because I had never seen a bluebird and like to hear positive stories of human/animal interactions.

Last year when I visited the Berkshires, the neighbors next to my in-laws had several bluebird houses up in their backyard. They had several bluebird families living in them and I finally saw my first bluebird. If you have never seen one, you will be blown away at the beautiful shade of dark blue on their back feathers.

This year, my ┬áin-law’s neighbor gave them a nest box and now they too have bluebirds in their yard. In fact, I saw more bluebirds than any other bird while I was there this past weekend. I tried to photograph them, but didn’t get very close. My best attempt is below, but here’s a site with a lot of information and photos.

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  1. I remember exactly when I saw my first Eastern Bluebird. I was driving to a job in Potomac MD, and one zoomed in front of my car. The blue was dazzling.

    And I won’t lie. I got totally teary-eyed when the cubscouts in Springfield Center NY had a parade float to celebrate building installing bluebird houses all over the countryside. They built a giant house and dressed someone’s kid sister up as a bluebird. And she peeped out of the hole in the house, holding a little picket sign, saying “Thank you for our houses.” I’m such a sap for that kind of thing.

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