Chickens on Martha Stewart’s Show

Tomorrow 4/2 Martha Stewart will air a show all about chickens. She and some guests brought their own chickens to the taping of the show. The show will air on WNBC at 11am and then again on 4/4 at 9am.

And how do I know this? I was one of the many chicken keepers asked to be in the studio audience. If you watch the show, look for me. I will be the one with the head of somewhat uncontrollably curly hair (hey, it was raining non-stop and I had to wait outside in it for 40 minutes). If you look at the photo below, which isn’t from the chicken show, you will see the spot where I was sitting. You might see the front of my face when Martha talks to some audience members who  were sitting in the chairs on the left.

My friend Megan and 3 of her friends were there also. They wouldn’t seat all 5 of us together, which is how I ended up in the 1 empty seat in the front. You Megan is right in the center of the audience behind a row of people with chickens on their laps. You will be able to spot her easily because of her gorgeous red hair.

One thought on “Chickens on Martha Stewart’s Show

  1. Hi! Just ran across your site by Googling “chicken feed Brooklyn”. I was one of the people with Megan at the chicken show. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, it was great to meet you and good luck with your urban farming endeavors! If you ever want some raw wool to play with please get in touch. -Mara

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